Friday, April 06, 2007

Thank you to the anonymous comment poster who pointed out that I managed to insert the wrong link in place of the the proper link to the CHB piece on the hype preceding Daisuke Matsuzaka's debut yesterday. These things are bound to happen, especially in a long post like that on several different topics. The hell of it is that I wasn't even drinking last night, even though you might assume that based on my track record and the fact that the Red Sox won.

I think I managed to fix the link issue. But in case you don't feel much like reading yesterday's post or you're as lazy as I am, here's the link again, it's worth going to the page to see Shaughnessy in all his glory, or lack thereof. He's not looking very good. He looks tanned in the sense that leather is treated with chemicals to make it into a durable, wearable material and not in the sense that he was out in the sun for a while. Yikes.

At the risk of piling on the CHB today, check out today's column. He called Daisuke Matsuzaka "Pocket Rocket" at one point. While Red Sox fans of a certain age will understand that it's a reference to Roger Clemens, there are some who might mistake the CHB's meaning. Take a gander at the list of definitions Urban Dictionary offers for the term "pocket rocket." It's not exactly complimentary, and one would expect a little more sensitivity from a columnist employed by a major metropolitan newspaper.

By the way, watching baseball games over the last few days, the Just for Men ads have caught my eye. I've been meaning to complain about them for a long time now, but more pressing issues have always intervened. As trite and shallow as the Keith Hernandez/Walt "Clyde" Fraiser spots are, my real problem is the fact that they are spokespeople at all. Outside of people who lived in New York in the 1970s/80s, with whom are these ads supposed to resonate?

Let's face it. If you're in the market for Just For Men, you might as well come to terms with the fact that you are no longer attractive enough (if you ever were) to attract the interest of a young, attractive woman. Grey hair is probably the least of your problems. The beer gut, the forty five year old wife who doesn't like you anymore, the two point three aggravating brats and the minivan are doing more damage to your rep than a few stray grey hairs.

Between that and the "Are you there God? It's me, victim of male pattern baldness" Vive For Men Thickening Shampoo spots, it gets very depressing trying to watch baseball. People ought to age with dignity. Who knows, maybe the younger generation isn't watching baseball anymore. Or maybe I'm one of the only male baseball fans under thirty who isn't stockpiling hair loss pills, ED pills, Just For Men and that thickening shampoo for that day when the rain starts falling. Or at least that day when the hair starts turning grey or falling out or both, and the sun is the only thing that can be counted on to rise.

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