Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bad times. Bad times, indeed. The Yankees couldn't get it done against the Red Sox at any point this weekend. But if I had a choice presented to me over the weekend where the Yankees could have won all three of the games against the Sox but Dallas would win game one of the series against Golden State, I would have taken the Red Sox sweeping the Yankees.

I hate the Red Sox much more than I hate the Mavericks, but they have over one hundred and forty more chances to lose this season. The Mavericks are much closer to an NBA championship than I ever want to see them. I don't think Golden State has any kind of a chance to keep this pace up against the Mavs, but the longer this series last, and the more competitive the games are, the less likely the Mavericks are to be at full capacity against better and deeper teams than the Warriors down the road.

I just don't see why Joe Torre went to Proctor to start the 7th inning. I thought Pettitte could have gone another 9 pitches. I think Proctor has been overpitched more so than any other Yankee reliever (even though overpitched isn't a word). I was pretty impressed with Chase Wright, though.

It would have been nice if he hadn't let up that epic barrage of home runs, but I have to respect his poise and class. There is no way on God's Earth that a team could hit four consecutive homers against the Red Sox. After the third straight homer, that next hitter would be better served wearing a suit of medieval plate mail armor to the plate. One or another of the gutless frauds pitching for the Red Sox would throw at his head.

That is another instance for the hypocrisy and fundamental dishonesty of Red Sox fans to rear its head. When a Red Sox pitcher throws at an opposing batter, it's part of the game. When some opposing pitcher hits one of the Red Sox, it is time for benches to clear and the Olde Towne Team goes to DEFCON 1 like they saw missiles in a satellite photo of Cuba. One would hope that a team with the unpleasant memory of the incident that essentially ended Tony Canigliaro's career in its past would show more sensitivity, but then what do I know?

I was very impressed with the overall quality of the play in the Devils-Lightning game this afternoon. Outside of one ill-advised pass by Brodeur which resulted in the second goal for Brad Richards, he was great. I know that after he's won 3 Stanley Cups, climbed to second all time in playoff wins and shutouts, I'm not breaking this story to you. But it's also the second time I've mentioned the NHL in this blog so bear with me.

Two things that bothers me about the Devils going forward. First, three Devils had breakaway opportunities on which they did not convert. Second, I still don't know why Lou Lamoriello fired his coach and took the team over (again) in the last week of the season. Last year, the team was sputtering when he did it. This year they had 102 points and the inside track on the two seed in the East. But they have the best playoff goalie currently playing pro hockey anywhere out there. Outside of Patrick Roy, I can't think of another guy I'd rather have in net, including Hasek.

Finally, I felt badly for the villain from the Chris Tucker film Money Talks. He did every thing he could to get the Tampa Bay Lightning to stave off elimination today. They came out with good energy in the second period, down 1-0 against Brodeur, who was great in the first. They almost came back and won.

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