Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So we meet again. After last week's flurry of activity, I imagine I spoiled my "legion" of readers. I probably shouldn't have posted so many times in such a short span, but I was bored and had nothing better to do. But that's life. And kind of a lot has happened since my last post.

First of all, Rutgers was not merely beaten but killed by Cincinnati last weekend. Should Rutgers beat West Virginia, they should earn the Big East championship and the concommitant trip to a BCS bowl. Unfortunately, the Scarlet Knights would need some Division 1-AA teams to lose to get back into the national title picture. So I face the Thanksgiving holiday with egg on my face on several accounts.

After watching a fair bit of football this fall, I've learned more about football than I did in four years of playing the sport in high school and a lifetime of watching the sport with the respectful detachment of the intelligent observer. The main thing I've come to realize is that the SEC champ deserves to play Ohio St. if the pollsters deem Michigan unworthy of a rematch. Shoud USC beat Notre Dame this week, the Trojans will put such a hurting on Ohio State that the entire unversity will lose its accreditation and the current players wll forsake football as a career. There is the possibility that USC coluld lose to ND or UCLA, but we ought to discount that, since Pete Carroll woud have coached his team up to the point where they could defeat Caesar's legions.

I must say I regret my pronuncement that we would be spelling BCS without BC again this season. I never imagined Wake Forest and Maryland choking to bring BC back into the picture. Of course if I were coaching Maryland, I would not have called another option after the first one produced a defensive TD. But then everybody but me knows that Alumni Stadium is the best homefield in any kind of football (including high school, college and international). There are pro teams who can't win in Alumni Stadium.

The real question in the BCS comes down to this: should an SEC champ have a greater role in the BCS than the winner of the SC-ND game. Obviously the lowest SEC team should have a better bowl appearance than Notre Dame. For instance, should ND and Arkansas finish with one loss, Arkansas would go to a BCS bowl and ND would be donated to oran thieves. The record against common opponents would dictate it. After all, a one loss Notre Dame tea would have beaten USC while Arkansas lost to USC by 36.

If only Charlie Weis had the good sense of a great coach like Houston Nutt, perhaps he would have the presence of mind to shine Pete Carroll's shoes with his face. Also, in response to the article which gave rest to Charlie Weis the legend against Ty Willingham the coach, note that Charlie Weis has a shot to beat USC whereas Ty Willingham never managed to do that.

Recently, I made a huge mistake. I bet a person I know that the Bears would beat the Patriots. Of course, I did not realize that Lovie Smith would spend this past week hiding and cowering because Bill Belichick outcoached Smith in this game three years before this game was even scheduled. Not only that, but the Bears defensive line is, at the moment, refusing to take the field this Sunday. I must say that I think Grossman might play the worst game an NF fan coul conceive from an NFL QB and the bears can still beat the Pats but we'll see (especially those tools who won't admit the dynasty is dead).

If I had an appeciation for the dramatic, I would keep this fact quiet until the Bears remove the "pride" from the Patriots and their fans. Since I have been so wrong about so much for so long, Pats fans who might read this might forgive me. I wasn't the first to point out the connection between Bill Belicheck and Flowers forAlgernon. Kevin Mannix spotted it, or at least mentioned it in 2002 (by my admission, two years too early).

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