Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Start spreading the news... the Sox have lost two straight to the Yankees. I wonder now, what the confident Red Sox fan who told me that he'd live with a 12-7 split in the season series will have to say tomorrow. I laughed when he said it to me, and I'm laughing now. Granted, it's still early in the season and two games remain in this series, but the Yanks beat Josh Beckett like he stole something, and they survived a tight game where David Pauley pitched disturbingly well.

One has to wonder what might have been had Manny not been thrown out at second by Johnny Damon of all people. I imagine the Jim Romes and CHBs of the world will have a field day with that one. Of course, Manny was wrong. But at least he was running full speed. I am inclined to sympathize with him when the media attacks him, even though his mistakes and inconsistent behavior is good for the stated purpose of this blog. I just hate the CHB and Jim Rome. Where have you gone, Jim Everrett? Please come back and beat Jim Rome down for auld lang syne.

And if Melky Cabrera didn't make that amazing catch to rob Manny of the game tying home run, would these tools still be sharpening their cleavers for ManRam? I'm sure they would, but even the self-described "hard edged commentator" Jim Rome would have to tone down his burn. Or maybe he wouldn't, since he doesn't seem to be overly concerned with looking ridiculous, sanctimonious and hypocritical all the time.

A while back, I happened to be watching Cold Pizza even though it usually ends up irritating me. They had the frauds from Yankeehater.com on to talk about their site, the Sox Yanks rivalry and the seemingly viable lawsuit against them for trademark infringement. I don't think these guys are frauds because they hate the Yankees, or even because they like the Sox (for the record, some of my best friends are Red Sox fans). I think they're frauds because of their top 3 Yankee haters of all time list they mentioned on the air.

This list is so pathetic that I can't adequitely ridicule it, or even comment on it more fully without descending into profanity, which, to this point, is apparently the only virtue of this blog. Number one on the list is Ben Affleck. This is so obviously an attempt to grandstand and garner attention, not to mention fawn on one of the worst actors of our time. I think Ben Affleck's career was best summed up by the South Park guys in one of the songs from Team America. Since this is a blog, you can Google the lyrics, but if must download the song, please do so legally.

Number two on the list is Larry Lucchino. I don't know Larry Lucchino personally, and God willing, I'll never have the distinct displeasure of making his acquaintance. From the little I know about him, I suspect that he harbors no genuine emotion against the Yankees. I think it's a convenient way to call more attention to himself in an effort to acquire the cult status enjoyed by many associated with the team (mostly without reason or merit, like Jerry Remy).

Number 3 was Carlton Fisk. If even half of the legends told about Fisk are true, he was 3 times the Yankee hater that Affleck and Lucchino would make if they became some sort of Voltron made out of grandstanding, phony Yankee haters. I understand that there was a huge personal and professional rivalry between Fisk and Thurman Munson, and naturally, since Fisk is human, Carlton seems to have downplayed that in the wake of Munson's tragic death. Nevertheless, Fisk was the only legit guy on the list and these frauds had him in third place.

As a concerned citizen, I demand an investigation into Don Orsilo's hairline. What is going on there? Is it human hair, animal, vegetable or mineral? I can't decide myself. Part of me thinks that it is in fact human hair, but some (if not all) was grown on a different head than the one rocking it now. Part of me thinks he was victimized by a bad dye job and insuffienct hair plugs. But I think the most likely explanation is that he gets his hair styled by the guy who used to paint the hair onto the old GI Joe action figures that I had when I was a kid. Perhaps the hair is what makes him think he could hit .260 in the majors (a feat that seems surprisingly difficult for Big Papi so far).

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