Thursday, May 04, 2006

It is May 4, and the season is 28 games old. Papelbon was recently named the DHL Deliveryman of the Month for April. Perhaps this could lead to a potential career in package delivery, in case this baseball thing doesn't work out. I am as well aware of the fact that he has "electric stuff" as anyone. I'm just not convinced from one month of work that he can handle the pressure of closing games for a full season. He wouldn't be the first "can't miss" pitching prospect with "electric stuff" who ended up missing, after all (I know I've said this before).

There is also the question: "How will Red Sox Nation react if he should blow a few saves down the stretch?" Imagine what his life will be like if he chokes in a big game against the Yankees at the end of the season. Obviously, with Papelbon allowing his first 9th inning run of the season last night in the loss to Toronto, the honeymoon period isn't over yet. Sooner or later, this situation will worsen. The law of averages is on my side here.

Things could be a little better from my perspective. The Red Sox are 5-5 over their last ten games. In a perfect world, they'd be 0-10, but I've learned to live with disappointment. I also can't complain all that much, as I mentioned the Trilateral Commission and Howard Hughes in a blog with sedition in its title and I haven't been detained for questioning by any of the duly appointed authorities. It is a good thing that being long-winded and having inelegant sentence structure are not yet illegal, at least for me.

On that note, I couldn't help but notice that more people are visiting this site earlier and more often than I had expected at this point. I couldn't help but notice because one of the friends of this site (who is far more skilled in high tech matters than I) told me. He also told me that my posts are "incoherent but inspired." I am sure that he's right, but I have neither the time nor the inclination to change that.

Actually, I must confess that I do have the time. I'm just a bit lazy. Like Arthur Dent said in The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy: "I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my life-style." The blog needs more editing, but I don't want to do it. That said, I am a bit disturbed by the number of simple mistakes that have slipped past me and spell check. Since I don't want to look like any more of a jackass than is absolutely necessary, I promise to work on a way to clean up minor errors without taking away the raving stream of consciousness that gives the blog its peculiar charm.

That accounts for my minor errors. There is, however, one glaring error somewhere in this blog. Unlike the minor errors, it is not a product of my sloth (the deadly sin, not the three-toed or seven-toed variety). It is deliberate and calculated, and it's there for two reasons. The first is that I remember hearing one day that the guild of weavers who wove Oriental rugs in earlier times deliberately wove an inconsistency into the pattern because only God is perfect. The second is that one of the core principles of this site is that Red Sox fans will refuse to acknowledge obvious flaws and deficiencies in their team, so how could they notice one in a site like this.

Now that I've finished my post for the evening, I will conclude by promising another installment in my Great Moments in Red Sox History series, and a brand new feature. Good night, and go Orioles.

P.S. In the wake of a sort of informal survey that I have conducted recently, I think I might be the only person in the North East that will admit to liking REO Speedwagon. As for whether or not that makes me a geek, I think that ship sailed with the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference. What can you do, though? It's not like publishing a pseudonymous blog was helping. And in case you were curious (which I doubt), among the words not found in the dictionary of this site's spellcheck utility is the word blog itself. Ironic, isn't it?

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